Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What's Your One Word?

Do you have a word or a theme that you focus on for a year?  

Most people use the start of a new year to create a them or think of a focus word to meditate on for the next year.  That's all good and well but I know myself and I will likely fail if I start something as a new year's resolution.  For me, Autumn seems like the perfect time to start a theme or a word to focus on.  I mean why not?  Fall is time to Restart!  Reboot! and Refresh!

Let's look at that more closely, if you are like me, you may have planted some bulbs this fall so at the start of spring you have new growth!    So if you think of a word to live by now, come spring you may also see some growth and blessing in your own life.

My task this week is to think of that one word.  I also challenged my good friend Jac with the same task and if you are up to it, I challenge you to also find that one word!!


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